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During this webinar, taught by Social Media Masters Global Founders, Adriana and Jess, you'll get all the in's and out's of social media. Ads? Yep! Content? Of course! When to post? You got it. Community Management? Sure thing. PLUS, you'll get 40 Facebook Groups to Promote in 7 days/week FREE!

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Manage content (How, What, Where and When to post) plus your growing community.

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In less than an hour, our Social Savvy course will have you feeling confident, excited and roaring to go on social media! During Social Savvy in Under an Hour, we cover more than 10 sections designed to get you up-to-speed and launch an effective social media marketing strategy, and program.

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If you're wondering what network is best for you? We cover it.

Do you want to know the best times to post? Done.

How do you manage a growing community? Answered.

What are social media campaigns and how do you launch, and run one? No problem, it's included!

Ready to launch social ads? We'll give you a big secret to make them more effective so you spend less and get more response!

In less than an hour you'll be Social Savvy and ready to take on the world with social media marketing!


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